Mencari Cahaya

Negeri asing ini
bukanlah tempat indah
impian sejuta itu.

Ketika rumah adalah
hati yang nyaman
perjalanan 22 jam
itu membawaku pada
sepi dan kesepian,
tidak nyaman dan ketidaknyamanan.

Matahari tak murah hati
angin adalah musuh bersama
dan hujan bertamu tak kenal waktu.

Tidakkah semua manusia
mencari cahaya?
Kegelapan hanya membuat
pencarian itu semakin berharga.

Kamu adalah cahaya itu.
Kamu adalah matahari itu.
Kamu adalah rumah itu.
Mencarimu, menemukanmu sehari-hari
adalah mantra pengobat tiap hari.

(Sayangnya mantra itu terbagi
tak hanya untuk diri.
Tidakkah kau lihat kengerian
kegelapan pencarianku?)

GMT +1

A Medicine to the Psyche

wp-1477079877196.jpegWhen my intellect soars to the top of the Whitworth Hall,
in my psyche that identity of faceless dull wallpaper remains dormant,
ready to lunge into depression once the coil springs.

In the endless query of whys, the whos and the whats and the hows
are vivid rolls of freshly circulating scenes of rejections and underdogs,
hammering conviction after conviction of devaluation of self.

Hey, the masquerades are all at reach: which face to put on today?
Sneak peek is available only when your classified file is thick and full of scribbles,
and even so, a cynical eye is just a facade to reveal, onion layers, ain’t it so?

Nakedly silly, when the words sought are purely simple: You are beautiful and I love you.
— triple the dosage, or better, in each and every.


Hello, Goodbye

​TRUTH OR LIE? You Decide…


~Hello, Goodbye~

I was happily picking him at the airport from his annual three weeks leave in his hometown. 

We just started our romantic relationship a month ago, and we didn’t really have a lot of communication during his leave. This made me sad, but he said he was visiting many relatives. I, being in love, totally believed him.

Ah, there he was! Charming smile. The guy was mine, I thought.

“Hello, Honey, I miss you!” I ran and was about to hug him, when I caught his sad look and stopped mid-air. 

“Hi, Neny, sorry but this is our last meeting.” He said weakly, avoiding his glance toward me. 

“But, but, wh..why?” I stammered in disbelief. He was new and after many brokenhearted episodes of unrequited love , I just couldn’t believe what I just heard.  

“My family has arranged my marriage to a girl back home…”

I was never the choice.  I was never the candidate.  I was the part-time lover,  who was never qualified. 



Did I ever experience this?  Can you guess? :mrgreen:

#MCRpoem M09W4Y16

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The first weekly compilation of 140 characters daily poem tweets to reflect on life in Manchester, UK. I hope this habit will last until my final week in the city. Enjoy and your comments are highly appreciated!

27092016 – MCR Student Night Out, the annual discounts event for students in Manchester

in the delight of all sales light, I’m blinded in the discount rampage. alas, the bought are not always what they’re thought #MCRpoem

28092016 – Alternate rain and sun at the same day

weather, weather. whether, whether. ever-changing query hourly. life determining decision in any situation in one’s imagination #MCRpoem

29092016 – Super windy day

Wind is that friend that blows you to places in the speed of coldness. Smiles from strangers are lost in the bulk of warm jackets #MCRpoem

30092016 – Traffic/walk direction

right left. left right. traffic in left. walk at right? not quite, not sure. the country of confusion #MCRpoem

01102016 – Architecture styles

arcs & curves. glass & lines. architectural clashes. block by block. side by side. a sore in bore or a delight in sight? #MCRpoem

02102016 – City cultures

Chinatown & Curry Miles are faces, as Old Trafford & Etihad are fiercely bipolar. As me, another piece of the city mosaic identity #MCRpoem



Sampai Jumpa, Salatiga!

Salatiga @nenyish

Pada Gunung Merbabu yang teguh kukuh di selatan
Pada nisan makam mbah yang tenang diam di utara
Pada tugu jam yang melingkar menguarkan sibuk
Pada kampus yang akrab merangkul segala beda
— aku ucapkan: sampai jumpa!

Beribu-ribu kilometer
ke utara,
ke selatan,
dan kini ke utara lagi
— aku tetap rindu pulang padamu.

Magnetmu adalah pengertian tentang menjadi manusia
semurni-murni diri pribadi
tanpa peduli warna dan corak.
Hanya perilaku dan budi baik yang menentukan
sosokmu manusia yang patut didekati atau layak dimaki.

Baiklah aku pergi, Salatiga.
Titip jagai kekasih-kekasihku
yang dekat
yang jauh
yang selalu merasa nyaman dan rindu akanmu.

Aku pamit.