Of the Land of the Queen

IMG_20170117_133103Oh, that gloomy day of England and its shivery night!
Over the hills of Windermere and Thirlmere
and the tall buildings of University of Manchester
I witnessed the sky turning from grey to blue to grey
and braced the North West wind swooshing passed my face.

I used to speak ill of the land of the Queen,
as the tropical girl in me foolishly rejected the mere thought
of living in such an awfully depressing weather.
Why, it would dampen my sunny cheerful spirit of forever Summer!
Wouldn’t I be a sorry soul, should I had to endure its constant rain and cold?

Yet, it grows into me, methinks, after twelve rounds of the moon,
as I am back in the perimeter of the equator
back in the place, I call permanently forever my home,
a longing feeling nagging in my soul that I can’t no longer ignore:
please let me be back to the gloomy, windy, cold, yet serene England.



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