Hello, Goodbye

​TRUTH OR LIE? You Decide…


~Hello, Goodbye~

I was happily picking him at the airport from his annual three weeks leave in his hometown. 

We just started our romantic relationship a month ago, and we didn’t really have a lot of communication during his leave. This made me sad, but he said he was visiting many relatives. I, being in love, totally believed him.

Ah, there he was! Charming smile. The guy was mine, I thought.

“Hello, Honey, I miss you!” I ran and was about to hug him, when I caught his sad look and stopped mid-air. 

“Hi, Neny, sorry but this is our last meeting.” He said weakly, avoiding his glance toward me. 

“But, but, wh..why?” I stammered in disbelief. He was new and after many brokenhearted episodes of unrequited love , I just couldn’t believe what I just heard.  

“My family has arranged my marriage to a girl back home…”

I was never the choice.  I was never the candidate.  I was the part-time lover,  who was never qualified. 



Did I ever experience this?  Can you guess? :mrgreen:


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