A Plea to the Greatly You

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Gains and losses.
All familiarity in life
as mind can talk and walk
as I talked and walked
in blah-blah-blah
I simply philosophically spat.


— Because the heart
can never embrace
when losses are gained
and the pain, all the pains one suffer
at the moment.

Now, scared of losses haunts me
deeply, as in nightmares
succumbing the dreams.
In talk, I confidently said
In walk, I fatalistically wept
Don’t get me wrong:
I know I will still talk and walk tall

— But you know, I’m crushed
in pieces of thousands tears
in a lone path of depression
when taking my own life I’m tempted.
at the moment.

Overly dramatic, maybe you sneer.
Focus on facts, perhaps you reason.
Find the solutions, surely you act.
Yes, I reckon these
as my objective sense of mind
will bombard me,
computing, calculating.

— But you, you, you
I don’t take lightly, even greatly.
Because that’s what you worth:
greatly, greatly, greatly
to me.

In the unrealistic world of us
even a piece of you is worth
in great abundance.
What is little values so much,
like you to me.

— This is a plea.
I’m begging in mercy
of what unbeknownst
in our future reality.
Oh God, please.


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