Words, oh, Words!

Words, oh, words!

For all the niceties of the joy they create
they sometimes bring the nastiest dagger under their sleeve
gutting you in deepest soul full of expectations.

Must I employ the thickest armor of heartless careless spirit
for the words, freely delivered, in the casual spark of honesty?
Thick skinned I must be, in the harshness of reality?

For the past has taught me severely
of the effing words stuffed to my heart
creating countless crisscrossing scars
demeaning my inner outer self
denying my inner outer identity.

And now, I come face-to-face with such words
slicing open the bandage, slowly cutting the wound
inch by inch they slither deeper, sinking, hurting.

Must I stand unflinchingly mute out of love?
or, must I use the words back obligingly loud out of love?

Words, oh, words!



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