Elephants’ Remembrance

+ Oscar Valverde

Elephants always remember, don’t we?
Like our whispers in between Mary’s lecture
Like our dance in between drinks in Cafe Beaudelaire
Like our congratulations after my Cyclone Idol competition
Like our walks after your preliminary exams around Central Campus
Like our first/last prolonged lunch in Frederiksen Court
Like our digital encounters here and there

How many years, did you count?
When an ecologist met a teacher
When our idealistic notions were shared
When our meeting of minds consisted of dreams
You and your Costarican jungles
Me and my Indonesian classes
Us and our rendezvous in an American Midwest campus

Do we throw away our chances and opportunities?
In our days of reality and so-called stability
Clashes of duties and dreams are so provoking
That we don’t dare leaving our nutshells
To pursue what our imaginations can only reach
At the end, we stay put, stay still, stay stalled
Never stepping out of our comfort zones.

Tell me, Mi Elefante, do elephants still remember?
— 10,000 miles apart and yet we keep being connected.


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