Voices from Melbourne (1-English)

Here we are, across the ocean
common people.
What are words for us?
spitting words
overwhelming words
Is that so, My Lord and My Lady?
Just words
merely words and words
words, and words, and words
Yet, words have meanings.
Meanings bring power
when conscience is in existence
and mind is widely present.
We believe in the power of words
and we whisper it to the ears
and we speak it to the conscience
and we scream it to the mind
and we go and tell it to the word.
Because words are ours
the power reaches out to humanity
that we detest the reality of our country
heaven for thieves, robbers, and buglars
of our money.
That money is ours, My Lord and My Lady
that money is not from you embezzle, My Lord and My lady
Beware, and be aware, Mu Lord and My Lady
coz words are powerful
and when they say the words from afar
that words will fily, strike, and haunt you, My Lord and My Lady.

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