On Surprises and Life

+ to my students who gave me a farewell party tonight with a blast! .

I hate suprises.
Especially with tears as the end result.
Life should be regular, predictable.
Surprises just throw everything out of balance.
But isn’t life arbitrary?
As arbitrary as our meetings in life with other beings.
In a way, our meetings are sterile, academic.
It’s supposingly regular, predictable.
Yet, ours are not.
From all walks of life, you met me.
From all perspectives, you met me.
And you make my life full of surprises.
With tears and smiles and in betweens.
You told me, I inspired you.
Quite the contrary, you keep on inspiring me and suprising me.
You told me, I taught you to live.
Quite the contrary, you taught me to live and share even more.
The tears tonight are not of sadness or hate.
It’s the joy of having you all and seeing you all fly (someday).
I leave you today.
You leave me one day.
We will leave each other.
But we leave with a belief that we will keep surprising each other with the happenings of our lives.
I love surprises, your surprises.
Even if tears are the end result.
Because then we know we live to the fullest.


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