On Deadlines

+ being a teacher

I’ve told you, I can’t extend the deadlines
— yes, mam, acknowledged
I’ve informed you, you need to submit this and that
— yes, mam, understood
I’ve said to you, you can ask me about it anytime
— yes, mam, all is clear
I’ve mentioned to you, you must manage your time to finish it
— yes, mam, we’re on it

You’re late again.
— I’m sorry, mam, we had a lot to do.
But you knew the deadlines…
— Yes, we acknowledged
But you understood what you need to submit…
— Yes, we understood
But you could have asked me if you had problems…
— Yes, but we didn’t have problems whatsoever
(or if we did, we’d rather ask our friends)
But you said you’re on it, you’re already doing it…
— Yes, but we didn’t have much time
and YOU gave a difficult assignments
and YOU didn’t gave much time
and YOU didn’t explain it clearer
and YOU, and YOU, and YOU…

Yes, my dear students,
but I thought I have put all necessary
just to ensure

(now, call me a killer teacher again!)


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