About Today

This morning
the sun is still as warm as ever
the trace of raindrops has shrinked
to nil.

I heard the business of chatters
of natural whispers
of harsh motor shrieks

Life as usual.

This morning
none of these creatures
around me realizes
what lovers call the day of valentine.
I search hard for the signals of love.
Yet, I found emptiness creeping into my soul.
Or maybe I search too hard?

When my soul and heart are at ease
the sun warms my skin
goes into my heart
melt my frozen soul.
: that is love, isn’t it?

The chatters fill my ears
with stories of joy,
of affection,
of normality.
A sign that in every beat
of second
of time,
there is always something
to cheer a tired burdensome soul.
: that is love, isn’t it?

The whispers of the nature
sing a song
of unevenly beautiful lyric
bringing my weary mind into peace
calming my unrested nerves.
: that is love, isn’t it?

The harsh sound of the motor
engine shrieks for attention
suggesting a development
an optimistic step to the future
bringing promise and hope
to humankind advancement.
: that is love, isn’t it?

Everything today is so usual,
so normal
and none cares for a second
if today is a valentine day.

Only if I ease my senses will I find
: warmth, joy, affection, cheers, song,
beauty, peace, calm, attention, development,
optimism, promise, hope.

All signs of love.

Salatiga, Val Day 2006


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